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Zoltan Posfai - The Witchhunter - Red Shadow | torrent letöltés súgó

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[i] Címkék:fantasy, contemporary.fantasy, alternate.history

Könyv címe: Zoltan Posfai - The Witchhunter - Red Shadow
Kiadás dátuma: 2015
Formátum: epub

Conley had been a lone witch hunter for centuries. Some events, he mostly erased from his memory, fuel his relentless hatred toward the witches that most of the world considers old tales. His mysterious longevity and immunity to witchcraft allowed him to become a prime predator. He doesn't really live. Just hunts.

During one of these hunts, he finds traces of a witch who apparently slipped away from him for a long time. While investigating and pursuing her, the hunt takes a twist unexpected to both. The witch home world is exposed for the first time while the hunter's motives and past start to crack. Is his goal as pure as he believed it for centuries? Who is she? And why is she so different?

After falling down the rabbit hole, Conley's believes and adaptability receive the ultimate test. Both the world and the new concept is totally alien to him.

Red Shadow is the first book of The Witchhunter trilogy and concentrates on the point of view of Conley. How he finds and faces the unexpected challenges. The book follows the story of the hunter starting from his routine single-goal life. Pressure from past, present and future force him to look at things in a new way, while he also meets the first person who can at least partially understand him.
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